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Bon Weekend, Plus Couture Cocktails


bonjour paris

I hope you had a wonderful week!  My week was quite hectic and with homework on top of it, it was a bit demanding to say the least.  I'm looking forward to catching my breath and enjoying a autumn weekend full of celebrations and fun!

Couture Cocktails
This is a perfect cocktail for chilly nights by the outdoor fire, cuddling under a faux fur blanket... my plans exactly.

Ginger Bourbon Cider

Ginger Bourbon Cider |

1 ounce bourbon
1 ounce Calvados
2-3 ounces apple cider
a few shakes of orange, or classic, bitters
ginger beer
pinch of ground cinnamon
Fill a cocktail glass with ice (I like crushed, but cubes work just fine). Combine the bourbon, Calvados, apple cider, and bitters. Top the drink with ginger beer–more or less depending on how strong of a drink you’d like–stir and sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend!  I hope it's beautiful where you are...
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Autumn Style Inspiration from Kayture



You have probably heard of Swiss blogger Kristina Bazan and her blog, Kayture, and follow her across the globe sharing her passion for fashion and beauty.  If not, check it out.  Each post is full of inspiring ensembles from luxury designers such as Chopard, Louis Vuitton, and the like to more attainable brands.  Below are some of my favourite autumn looks... 

#white | zara coat | louis vuitton purse









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Wanderlust | Fera, Claridge Hotel, London


Fera at Claridge's Hotel

 Fera, the new farm-to-table restaurant in London’s legendary Claridge’s hotel, didn't seem to be a natural fit for the hotel at first, however, British designer, Guy Oliver, managed to blend it beautifully by highlighting the history of the restaurant as well as chef Simon Rogan's seasonal cuisine.

Fera Dining Room at Claridge's Hotel

Oliver needed to rethink the 1920s-1930s architecture which he felt "lacked refinement" compared to the hotel's Art Deco spaces.  He began by removing walls and adding laylights to the 16' ceiling as well as mirrored pillars to reflect the abundant natural light that filters through the windows.   The entrance was redesigned with an "Alice in Wonderland" feel by gradually revealing itself by leading guests through a curtain-lined entry to a slightly higher rotunda, before entering the main room. 

Fera's Bar at Claridge's Hotel
I love the sketches along the back wall of the bar

Oliver used a band of honey and amber onyx that was used in the original design to line the perimeter and paired it with soft green leather banquettes, sage carpets and drapery, and calm grey walls.  He added drama to the space by incorporating a sandblasted manzanita tree in the center of the room.

Fera Dining Room at Claridge's Hotel
The walls and columns feature onyx detailing.

I'm smitten with the above view!  I love an Art Deco space as I'm sure most of you know.   As a designer, this would be a dream job!  This is definitely my style.  Oliver's biggest design challenge was the open kitchen that was insisted by chef Rogan, something that you typically never see in fine dining restaurants.  I can't think of seeing that... ever.  Oliver worked the chef's request into the design plan by incorporating the same subtle colour palette into the cooking space as found in the dining room.  Then, geniously I might add, created a illuminated frame around the kitchen that is surrounded with a large scale landscape painting.  I wish I could find a photo, however, you can partially see the illuminated frame in the above photo and the top photo.

This restaurant incorporates two of my favourite things ~ Art Deco and a farm to dining experience.  Now to go to London to experience it...



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Memoriam | Oscar de la Renta


Yesterday the fashion world said goodbye to legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, he was 82. He spent half a decade dressing every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy and countless celebrities, and most recently Amal Alamuddin-Clooney, to adorning the runways with his fashion creations.  De la Renta also branched into fragrance, a home line, and furniture.

He was admired by contemporaries and adored by fashionistas.  De la Renta was the winner of numerous Cody awards, the fashion equivalent of the Oscars.  He was said to be a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

"The qualities I admire most in a woman is confidence and kindness" - Oscar de la Renta



Monday, Monday...


I have a project due tomorrow so here is a little Parisian autumn inspiration...

"That was the moment I fell in love with Paris and the moment that I felt that Paris had fallen in love with me." - Paris Je T'aime

Wishing you a fabulous week!



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